J and L Enterprises, Inc., has been a successful business since 2005. As owners of antique cars and members of several touring car clubs, we were looking for a third brake light that would add visibility to antique and classic cars. There are a number of third brake lights in the marketplace but they are difficult to install, require drilling in to the body of the car, are bulky, and not aesthetically pleasing. We then set about designing a product that is easy to install on all classic cars and simply adheres to the back window or frame. Our BrakeLighter product line is easy to install, and as an added safety feature, BrakeLighter can also be connected to your existing signal lights.

BrakeLighter was developed and manufactured with quality and price in mind. The low-profile LED BrakeLighter enhances the safety of classic cars without detracting from its appearance.

Owners Lin and John Bieback
Ellington, CT