Frequently Asked Questions
Please view our FAQs for answers to your questions about our product, installation and brackets.

General Information Questions

What is the difference between a 6-volt BrakeLighter and a 12-volt BrakeLighter?
  • No difference—housing, installation and appearance are the same.
  • The brightness of each of the units is the same.
  • A 6-volt is as bright as a 12-volt.
  • The LED’s are the same for both but the resistors in the circuit board allow it to be used for 6 or 12-volts.
How does the BrakeLighter work?
The BrakeLighter is wired into your existing brake wire. We provide ‘T’ taps to pinch your brake wire. Our unit draws .1 amps so you just need to tap into your existing brake wire. There is no cutting of wires in your wiring harness.

Can the BrakeLighter work with your directional signal lights?
  • Yes, only if you already have a signal light system
  • The brake light must be a single filament bulb with a single wire which also flashes with your directional signals. If you have a double filament bulb, we provide a modified wiring diagram for installation.
  • The 32 LED circuit board is split (16 on each side). That’s why there are 4 wires; 2 wires for each half. When you signal to the left or right, half of the BrakeLighter will blink either left or right.
  • The BrakeLighter duplicates whatever your taillights do: stop, signal, or flash.
If I have a double filament bulb, can I still use the signal feature of the BrakeLighter?
Yes, we have a modified wiring diagram that uses diodes to enable the BrakeLighter to signal right or left.

How much voltage/amperage does this unit draw?
BrakeLighter draws only .1 (1/10) of an amp.

How many LED’s?
There are 32 super bright LED’s in the BrakeLighter

What is the size of the BrakeLighter?
  • 12” Long
  • 5/8” High
  • 7/8” Deep
  • 10 Feet of wire
How long is the BrakeLighter wire?
The wire is 10 feet long. It is flat with (4) 18 gage wires and can fit through a ¼” hole. The first 8” of wire coming from the BrakeLighter housing has black shrinkwrap to cover the color-coded wires.

How does the BrakeLighter attach to the back window?
The kit comes with a high-quality suction cups and 3M double faced adhesive pads. You select the method you want to use to mount it on the glass. There is no drilling or modifications needed for mounting.

Is the BrakeLighter waterproof?
Yes, it can be mounted on the outside of a car on a fender, bumper, license plate, trunk or luggage rack. Your choice.

If I don’t have signal lights, will BrakeLIghter give me signals?I
No, it duplicates the existing functions of your brake lights only.

Where should the BrakeLighter be installed on a car?
In order to maximize visibility, the BrakeLighter should be mounted on the lower bottom of the back window so it is at eye level. Most people driving behind a classic car look in the back window for a third brake light. They are used to third brake lights at eye level and typically not looking at your taillights.

Does the BrakeLighter have signal lights built in if my car does not have them?
No, the BrakeLighter duplicates in the back window whatever your tail lights do. If you have signals on your car/truck, then BrakeLighter will duplicate signals in the back window.

Does BrakeLighter work with flashers?
Yes if you have flashers, then BrakeLIghter will copy whatever your tail lights do.

What if I have a 6-volt negative ground?
We sell both a 6-volt positive or 6-volt negative ground unit.

What is the warranty on BrakeLighter?
We guarantee the LED’s for 5 years. If one of the 32 LED’s burns out within 5 years, we will replace the light completely. The customer should contact us and we will send a new light as the individual LED’s cannot be replaced. We ask that the customer send back the defective unit.

Are the instructions in different languages?
No, English only.

How well does the BrakeLighter stick on the window?
We always recommend cleaning the window with alcohol, not Windex, so that there is no film or residue on the window. Do not touch the adhesive side of the pad, as oils from your hands can cause a weak bond. The BrakeLighter should stick permanently on your window for years of use.

How do I remove the BrakeLighter if I want to?
If you have used the suction cups, then it is easy to remove. If you have used the adhesive pads, then you will need a razor blade to gently unglue it.

What if I have separate bulbs for brake lights and for signal lights?
We have a modified wiring diagram that can be used but diodes are needed. Call us at 860.916.3582 and we can explain and answer your questions.

Will the BrakeLighter work with your running/head lights?
No, the BrakeLighter works only with your brakes and your existing signal lights.

Installation Questions

What tools are needed for installation?
You will need wire cutters and a crimping tool.

Is there a wiring diagram?
Yes. There is a wiring booklet included that shows different ways of wiring the BrakeLighter to your vehicle taillights under the Instructions link on our website. You can either wire it as just as a brake light only or to use with your existing directional signals along with the brake light.

How long will it take to install a BrakeLighter?
Typical time is about an hour but most hot rod customers take about 20 minutes!

Where do you connect the BrakeLighter wires?
It is easy. Find the brake light wire coming from the taillight in the rear of the vehicle or trunk. You don’t get involved with the wiring harness. We provide the ‘T’ taps that you snap/clip on the wire without cutting the wire.

What if I don’t want to use T taps?
You can hard wire the BrakeLighter into your brake wire. Some customers don’t know how and some don’t want to get involved in hard wiring or soldering. It is your choice. The light only draws .1 (1/10 th ) of an amp so you don’t need soldered connections.

Bracket Questions

What is a bracket?
  • A bracket is a swivel mechanism that is attached to the end of the BrakeLighter and used for cars with a slant in the back window.
  • A bracket is composed of 2 black anodized aluminum metal pieces that areattached to each end of the BrakeLighter
  • The brackets are sold separately for cars with slanted back windows.
What is a bracket used for?
We sell a bracket for back windows with a slant of more than 30 degrees, like a 1955 Chevy. LED’s are directional. If you mount the light directly on an angled/slant window (without the brackets) it will aim towards the sky. A bracket is needed to swivel the BrakeLighter so that the car behind you can see it.

Do all cars have slanted rear windows?
No, typically earlier models before 1938 have flat back windows, like a Model A or a truck. No bracket is required. If you have a slanted back window, like a Dodge Charger or a Ford Mustang, then yes you need a bracket.

How do I mount BrakeLighter on the outside?
It is entirely up to you. Some customers have used our swivel bracket to mount it on a trunk, luggage rack or license plate. Some have used double-faced tape on the light housing and cut the end tabs off. Some customers have custom built it into the body of the car.

If I use a bracket, can I still use suction cups?
Yes, you always have the option of either the suction cups or the adhesive pads, both come with the mounting kit.

Split Window Questions

What if I have a split window in the back of my car?
We have extenders and spacers to accommodate split windows by mounting so it goes over the split window center divider. There is an additional charge. Please call 860.916.3582 for more information on split windows.

Can I use two BrakeLighters in the back of my spilt window?
Yes, you can purchase 2 BrakeLighters and install 1 in each of the back windows. You can wire it so that the 2 units will go on when you tap your brakes and 1 unit will go on to signal left and the other unit will go on when you signal right.