Low Profile Third Lights for Classic Cars

Easy Installation

The BrakeLighter can be installed as a third brake light only or it can be wired to work with your existing signal lights. Interior or exterior mount depending on your application. Slant back windows might require a swivel bracket.

High Quality

The 32 LED’s are super bright and reflect the latest technology. We guarantee our product for 5 years.

Customer Support

Call 806.916.3582 for any questions. We will answer and resolve any unique installation issues.

brakelight attribute list

Customer Testimonials

Adding this product to my classic car was a breeze. Very easy and it looks great!

Sandra, Connecticut

This highly visible third light was a great supplement to my existing brake lights. Average installation within 1 hour.

Tom, Virginia

This company puts customer service and satisfaction first. It's a great product. Who else gives that kind of service?

Edward, New Jersey

Great product

Lisa and Bud, Arizona

Easy to install; great safety feature.

George, Canada

I wouldn't travel in my antique car without this installed

Sean, New Jersey