Low Profile Third Lights for Classic Cars

Easy Installation

The BrakeLighter can be installed as a third brake light only or it can be wired to work with your existing signal lights. Interior or exterior mount depending on your application. Slant back windows might require a swivel bracket.

High Quality

The 32 LED’s are super bright and reflect the latest technology. We guarantee our product for 5 years.

Customer Support

Call 860.916.3582 for any questions. We will answer and resolve any unique installation issues.

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Customer Testimonials

Adding this product to my classic car was a breeze. Very easy and it looks great!

Sandra, Connecticut

This highly visible third light was a great supplement to my existing brake lights. Average installation within 1 hour.

Tom, Virginia

This company puts customer service and satisfaction first. It's a great product. Who else gives that kind of service?

Edward, New Jersey

Great product.  The LED's are bright  and this unit is easy to install.  The directions are clear and they give you everything to complete an easy install.  

Lisa and Bud, Arizona

Easy to install; great safety feature for my classic car.

George, Canada

I wouldn't travel in my antique car without this installed.  With current traffic especially in the northeast,  I need all the visibility that I can get.  

Sean, New Jersey